Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Lucie Therrien

*Lucie Therrien**,*
*Book & CD Set "*DUAL CITIZEN" Launch (check it out on the website),
or consider our Christmas music, CD's, DVDs, & other publications for your HOLIDAY GIFTS.
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*Nov. 5 at 7 pm*
*Performance & Poetry*
*Portsmouth Laureate Program*
Free: Café Expresso Hannaford Plaza, 738 Islington Street

*Nov. 6 at 1 pm*
*French Concert*
*University of New Hampshire Durham*
The Mub, French Club members only

*Nov. 12 at 7:30 pm*
*French & English Concert Celebrating Quebec's 400th!*
*Concord City Auditorium*
2 Prince Street, Concord
*FREE: * or tel. 603 225 9004

*Nov. 13 at 7:30 pm*
*Book Reading & Performance*
*International Friendship Group*
members only

*Nov. 20 at 7:00 pm*
*Book Reading & Performance*
*Le Club Boutique*
Vaughn Mall, Portsmouth
*PURCHASE "*/*BOOK & CD Set*/* ONLINE"*/ credit cards accepted/

*View agenda* of all* FALL CONCERTs** &** READINGs* "ttp://

_TITLE:_* "DUAL CITIZEN* -/ Deux Citoyennetés/" Book + CD of 17 Songs & Poems.

_SUBTITLE:_* Mémoir Glimpses, Tradidions French-Canadian, Songs & Poems (CD enclosed)*
Lucie Therrien shares growing up on the province of Québec, her career in New England, her traditions, events, struggles, illness, cultural, relationship, traveling challenges, as she tours the world, as a single female entertainer. She carved a particular niche for her craft within other cultures, in an extremely competitive field. Written in prose and/or rhythmic poetry

_*OR purchase by mail*_*/*checks only $29.95 + $5.50 postage/handling = $35.45 total, made out to:
*F.A.M.E., P. O. Box 4721, Portsmouth, NH, 03802.*

/"//Once again, your efforts have allowed me to retain an incredible American treasure, a keepsake and a personal heritage both profound and dear to me."/
R. W. Harriman, a fan.

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